Ontario Touring Programme

Each year the Toronto International Festival of Authors brings the world’s most exciting contemporary writers to communities across Ontario.

Now in its 12th year, Lit On Tour — the provincial outreach programme of the Toronto International Festival of Authors — has partnered with grassroots networks and strong community organizations to connect readers province-wide with immersive literary activities. Events include book signings, readings, authors in conversation and Q&A sessions that invoke a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for the written word.

Audiences have the opportunity to take part in enriching activities that might not otherwise be available in their region, while authors and publishers enjoy inroads to reaching new audiences.



“[Lit On Tour] is a really good opportunity for one on one conversations, during the signings, between reader and writer. One of the most moving comments any reader had made to me happened in Orillia and I will never forget it. A reader told me one sentence out of my book, and he said, ‘I travelled all the way here to meet the person who wrote that sentence.’ That made me cry.”


- Kathleen Winter

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